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What We Do


Why Choose C & M

Your Content Creators

Press Release Writing

Press release is to publish some news or promote a latest offer. A Press Release enables you to captivate potential clients and boost your sales through online and paper marketing. It helps in keeping the company name afloat in the market all the time.

Article Writing

Writing an article is to share high quality information and illustrate your expertise in your niche. A well-researched as well as well-crafted article will tremendously boost your credibility along with the sales. A well written article with targeted keywords can get you best results in the search engine rankings.

Product Review Writing

Product review is to highlight the benefits of the associated product which can inherently increase your sales altogether.

Manuals Writing

Manuals are required everywhere and if you are looking for a good manual for your product or organisation we are your right choice. We can write all the different manuals:
  • Technical Manuals
  • User Manuals
  • Developer Manuals
  • Training Manuals
  • HR Manuals
  • White papers

Web Content

In this digital era, there are many websites existing in the internet market, which have perfect and unique text so that they secure the place in the online market globally. Creating and maintaining a good brand image is crucial for the success of any company and here comes the role of our Web Content writing services.

Blog Post Writing

Blogs are the best way to provide upgraded information about the services and products which can attract the customers. The informal tone of putting across valuable information and opinion has made blogs one of the most popular web marketing options. Blogs are usually shorter than articles, the word limit varying between 200 and 350 words.

Converting books and documents to Ebooks and eDocuments

Maintaining paper work in this technically advanced world where technology is growing and developing every day is a hassle. We can help you convert all your documents that are in hard copy to softcopy. This can help you save a lot of storage space and ease your access to the documents very easily.