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About C & M

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We’re not just writers. We’re wordsmiths. Words are our livelihood and our passion is to tame them and make them work hard for your business. You know that stereotyped image of writers; huddled over a keyboard, pencil behind ear, musing over a particular word? We’ll admit it…that’s actually very close to reality; and we take great pride in being obsessed over our craft.

Content is king! Content is the lifeline of any successful brand building campaign and an essential part of any customer’s journey. Before your customers decide to partake in any of your services or products, they want to be educated, informed by relevant authoritative content.

We don’t believe in rushing through our writing just to complete the task & get the payment; we start from the scratch of analysing the requirements of our client to understanding his thoughts and mind-set for the way he wants his content to be represented & then after a thorough research we start the writing work.

Content Writing has emerged as an essential phenomenon to drive traffic to your website with accurate and high quality content.

Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing
- Ben Franklin